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Super 1750-1800 MoSi2 Heating Elements for High Temp Furnaces

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Resistivity of MoSi2 (Molybdenum Disilicide) heating element rises dramatically when temperature rises. Power output is less than 35% of the max. output at 300C. Resistance of a MoSi2heating element does not change under normal use, and you can mix new and old elements together.

Generally a separator should be placed in between two shanks of heating element when installing the heating elements in the furnace. Please make sure the width of the separator matches the space of the heating element. If the separator is too big it may break the heating element during installation.



Heating Element Dimensions
Updated Item No.
CF1700.6.6.6 / GCF1700.6.6.6 HEMo1750 7x30x350 7x140x210x30 HEMo1750.7.30.350
CF1700.12.8.8/ GCF1700.12.8.8 HEMo1750 30×400 7x190x210x30 HEMo1750.30.400
CF1700.16.12.12 / GCF1700.16.12.12 HEMo1750 40×550 7x290x260x40 HEMo1750.40.550
CF1800.7.6.6 / TF1800.80 HEMo1750 6x30x350 6×140×210×30 HEMo1750.6.30.350
TF1700.60.1000/ TFM2.1700.60 / TFM2.1700.80 / TFM3.1700.60 / TFM3.1700.80 / HEMo1800 30×330 7×120×210×30 HEMo1800.30.330
TF1700.100 / TFM2.1700.100 HEMo1800 30×350 7×170×210×30 HEMo1800.30.350

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