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SonoMechanics All-in-one NanoStabilizer – LT

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SonoMechanics NanoStabilizer is a proprietary all-in-one blend of ingredients necessary to ultrasonically nano-emulsify hydrophobic bioactive extracts (full-spectrum oils, distillates, isolates, vitamins, essential oils, terpenes, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals). It comprises food-grade (GRAS) carrier oils, emulsifiers, and preservatives, all tasteless and derived from natural sources.


  • Commercially produce nanoemulsions of bioactive extracts or isolates without having to develop formulations and processing procedures.
  • Achieve droplet sizes of 10 – 50 nm at concentrations up to 50 mg/ml, ensuring permanent water-compatibility, translucency and long-term stability.
  • Significantly accelerate the onset of action, improve the bioavailability and ensure reproducible dosing.
  • Easily sterile-filter to eliminate any microbial or particulate contamination.

Homogenizer maximum production rates with NanoStabilizer (speed may vary based on formulations, material, concentration, etc.)

  • LSP-600: 1L per hour
  • BSP-1200: 5L per hour
  • ISP-3000: 25L per hour

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