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SharperTek Large Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner with Sweep – 10 Gallon Tank by Sharpertek USA

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SharperTek Professional Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner – With a Large 10 Gallon Tank!

Our new models of ultrasonic handgun cleaners will quickly and effortlessly remove dirt, carbon, and grease from even the most soiled guns. Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into those hard-to-reach places for thorough and effortless cleaning. This ultrasonic cleaner saves you the work of cleaning your guns by hand, while restoring the guns to look like new!

All-In-One Professional Gun Cleaner Package:

This handgun cleaner package has everything you need to clean your guns and restore them to like-new condition:

Includes Both Cleaning and Lubricating Solutions: Our safe, non-hazardous solutions will clean your guns and lubricate them evenly, to protect them from rust and make them ready for shooting!

  • 2 Gallon Gun Cleaner/Degreaser
  • 3 Gallons Gun Lubricant

Simultaneously Clean and Lubricate with our Large 10-Gallon Cleaning Tank: You can clean a couple of guns in the tank, while lubricating clean guns in the lubricating pan! This is vital for police departments and gun shops who need to clean large quantities of guns in a short period of time. Protect your Guns: While our competitors will sell you stainless steel baskets to clean your guns in, these will damage your guns when you turn on the ultrasonic vibrations, due to metal-on-metal vibration contact. However, our polycarbonate trays will not damage your guns! Save Money: Our all-in-one package saves you a bundle over the cost of purchasing each item individually!

Package Contents:

  • 1 Stainless Steel Lubricating Pan with Polycarbonate Tray − Protect your guns while lubricating them!
  • 1 Polycarbonate Cleaning Tray − Protect your guns while cleaning them with the most powerful gun cleaning technology in existence!
  • 2 Gallons Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution − Removes dirt, carbon, and grease from even the hardest places to reach by hand!.
  • 3 Gallons Ultrasonic Gun Lubricating Solution − Environmentally safe lubricant protects guns from rust and reduces friction to increase shooting distance and prevent the gun from jamming!
  • 2 Brushes − 1 Nylon and 1 Brass
  • SH720-10G Ultrasonic Cleaner − A powerful multi-purpose heated ultrasonic cleaner that can clean 4 handguns in the tank while lubricating 2 more in the lubricating pan! This large tank is essential for police departments and gun shops who need to clean and lubricate large quantities of guns in a short period of time.

Protect Your Guns:

In order to produce the ultrasonic waves that clean your guns, the ultrasonic transducers make the entire inside of the tank vibrate. This means that if you have guns in the tank, the constant vibration could scratch or otherwise damage your guns. This is why we use polycarbonate trays in our cleaner. None of our competitors have shown enough concern for your guns to bother selling polycarbonate trays. They all simply use the stainless steel tank because it’s cheaper. Go with the company that cares for guns the way you do – SharperTek!

Ultrasonic Cleaner SH720-10G Specifications:

  • Industrial Grade Model
  • Side Handles for easy handling
  • Heating Element for Best Cleaning Results
  • Heating element can stay on all day even if ultrasonic power is off
  • Industrial-Grade Transducer for Reliable and Powerful Cleaning
  • Digital Timer Controls
  • Drain Faucet for spill-proof draining
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 40,000 Hz
  • Adjustable feet provide stabilization and prevent rocking.
  • Quickly degases: just turn the machine on, and it will degas the water/solution in 5 minutes!
  • Tank Material: Stainless Steel
  • Tank Capacity: 36 Liters (10 Gallons)
  • Tank Inside Dimensions: (19.5″x11″x10″)(L×W×H)
  • Power Supply AC 100 ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Power 1400 W (720W Ultrasonic and 680W Heating)
  • Weight: 60 lb
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • This Product is Designed, Built and Serviced in our Pontiac Plant, MI USA
  • Don’t be fooled by similar looking models: this has the superior power and reliability you need!

Returns: 30 Day money back.

Customer Service and Sales: (877)-234-6938 or 248-340-0593

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