Ohaus Achiever 5000 Overhead Stirrers

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The Ohaus Achiever 5000 Overhead Stirrers are designed for powerful, precise stirring, safety and simplicity in all applications. The sealed design has an IP54 rating and ensures safe mixing performance even in the most demanding applications. The keyless chuck and software-controlled speed ramping provide easy set-up and safe stirring to protect the sample and user.


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Options Detail

Description Capacity Model # Torque
Overhead Stirrer 25 L e-A51ST020 20 Ncm
Overhead Stirrer 25 L e-A51ST040 40 Ncm
Overhead Stirrer 40 L e-A51ST060 60 Ncm
Overhead Stirrer 100 L e-A51ST100 100 Ncm
Overhead Stirrer 100 L e-A51ST200 200 Ncm


The Achiever 5000 contains powerful mixing and constant speed that is assured with the brushless motor and torque compensation technology. This delivers accurate controlled stirring of viscous liquids with quiet operation. The keyless chuck and variety of shafts are easy to replace and swap out which decreases wasted time and effort for everyone in the lab. The Achiever 5000 is designed for safety with a lock button to prevent accidental speed changes and an overload sensor to shut down the motor before overloading occurs to protect the sample. The overhead stirrers are compact and easy to handle. The single knob control combined with the bright digital display allows for precise setting and monitoring. The Achiever 5000 has the option of a variety of accessories to increase the efficiency of the application.


Stirring, dissolving, dispersion, emulsification and homogenization for the following industries: food and beverage, cosmetics, paint/coatings, pharmaceutical, chemical, glue/adhesive, plastics/polymer and cement/construction. It can also be used for pilot scale in manufacturing.


Bright LED digital display for speed, real-time torque tendency LED indicator bar, and integrated timer.


Stirring from 6 rpm to 2000 rpm with speed accuracy of 1 rpm and maximum torque from 20 Ncm to 200 Ncm, depending on model. Stable torque at any speed, and volume capacity ranging from 25L to 100L.


Sealed aluminum housing with IP54 ingress protection rating. Keyless Chuck for simple, one-hand operation, and brushless motor for quiet operation and main power switch.

Design Features:

Compact design for esay handling, simple knob control, lock button to prevent unintentional setting changes, and full protection for overload, overtemperature and overcurrent conditions.


SKU Speed Power Requirement Accuracy
30586766 30 – 1300 rpm 115 V, 60 Hz/ 230 V, 60 Hz 1 rpm
30586763 30 – 2000 rpm 115 V, 60 Hz/ 230 V, 60 Hz 1 rpm
30586767 6 – 400/30 – 2000 rpm 115 V, 60 Hz/ 230 V, 60 Hz 1 rpm
30586764 30 – 2000 rpm 115 V, 60 Hz/ 230 V, 60 Hz 1 rpm
30586765 30 – 2000 rpm 115 V, 60 Hz/ 230 V, 60 Hz 1 rpm

Additional Info

SKU Control Height Length Width
30586766 Digital 11.2 in 9.3 in 3.5 in
30586763 Digital 11.2 in 9.3 in 3.5 in
30586767 Digital 12.4 in 9.3 in 3.5 in
30586764 Digital 11.2 in 9.3 in 3.5 in
30586765 Digital 11.2 in 9.3 in 3.5 in

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