Milestone Ethos X Microwave Extraction System

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The ETHOS X processes more samples in less time and uses a fraction of the solvent required by other technologies.


The benefit: Higher throughput and easier handling results in both reduced cost and turnaround time for your lab.

The fastEX-24 rotor helps laboratory professionals increase throughput and lower operating costs.

  • 24 samples in less than 1 hour
  • Large disposable glass vials (100 mL)
  • Run up to 30 g of sample
  • Unique Weflon material provides homogenous heating
  • Contactless temperature control of all vessels
  • Easy-to-use capping tool

Largest microwave cavity.

Milestone uses 18/8 stainless steel construction throughout creating the most durable and reliable microwave.

  • The stainless steel interior is coated with Teflon to protect against corrosion from acids and solvents.
  • A self-resealing pressure responsive door ensures maximum safety in the unlikely event of over-pressure release.
  • Microwave cavity capacity of 70 liters, is by far the largest currently available. Offering more flexibility and versatility.

EasyCONTROL, which is fully CFR Part 11 compliant, is the most intelligent, yet easy-to-use, software ever designed for microwave extraction.

  • Built in libraries/pre-stored methods
  • Large full color touch screen display
  • Monitors the extraction program by temperature and MW energy
  • Program different user profiles


Although new extraction technologies have been developed in recent years, they have fallen short on addressing the needs of environmental labs. The ETHOS X with fastEX-24 overcomes productivity limitations of other conventional approaches by enabling the extraction of a large number of samples in a single workday. Other technologies process one sample at a time sequentially, requiring long extraction cycles. The ETHOS X simultaneously processes 24 samples in only 40 minutes and eliminates cleaning steps by using disposable glass vials. The graphic below compares the typical daily productivity using the Milestone ETHOS X, Sequential Pressurized Liquid Extraction and Soxhlet.


Data quality and reliability are key features for environmental labs. The ETHOS X with the fastEX-24 rotor provides fast, accurate and precise analysis. Weflon vessels allow to simultaneously process various matrices ensuring optimal extraction efficiency. In addition, the unique design of the fastEX-24 rotor with its large volume disposable glass vials (100 mL) eliminates cross contamination and memory effect, providing reproducible results.

Safety & Control

The ETHOS X cavity delivers high microwave power of up to 1900 watts, resulting in faster heating and shorter extraction times. Robustness and reliability are essential characteristics in an environmental lab to avoid any lapses in the daily operation. The ETHOS X has a rugged stainless-steel construction to ensure a longer lifetime and to eliminate lab’s downtime. The system is equipped with a contactless sensor that controls the temperature during the whole extraction process in all vessels, providing higher safety and reproducibility. The use of a non-invasive sensor, in combination with the Weflon vessels, simplify user operation while delivering accurate temperature control.

User Interface

The user interface runs an icon-driven, multi-language software with pre-loaded extraction methods. Using the touchscreen, the operator simply selects a method and presses “START” to begin a new extraction process. The extraction parameters are displayed real time on the terminal and can be stored or transferred via LIMS.


Elemental analysis by atomic spectroscopy is a standard analysis in environmental laboratories. The ETHOS X enables digestion of environmental matrices such as soils,  sediments, wastewater in full compliance with official methods like US EPA. Several options are available to match the laboratory requirements.

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