Lab Armor Peltier Bead Bath 7L

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Peltier Baths

Introducing the Lab Armor Peltier Baths! Our new Peltier Bead Baths utilize thermoelectric cooling-and-heating (TEC-H) devices to supply heating or cooling to your needs.

Using the Patented Lab Armor Beads, the Peltier Bath provides concurrent thermal activity that helps to control the lab and personnel from invading organisms while thermally heating or cooling.

Lab Armor revolutionizes the scientific bath industry with the Peltier Bead Bath!

Utilizing Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler-Heater (TEC-H) technology, the Peltier Bead Bath is an all-in-one unit that efficiently controls the temperature in chilled and heated applications. The air jacketed design is exclusive to the Lab Armor Peltier Bead Bath, and it is the only bead bath on the market with both cooling and heating capabilities.

The Peltier Bead Bath works with Beads to deliver exceptional temperature uniformity and securely hold lab vessels of various sizes in place. Samples may be conveniently transported using the removable Lab Armor Peltier Bead Baskets. The Bead Bath helps prevent the risk of sample contamination by removing water from many laboratory processes. These design features allow the Peltier Bead Bath to perform the role of multiple appliances, reducing benchtop space requirements.


• Removable 7L Aluminum Basket (2 for the 14L)
• Temperature Range of 2°C-70°C
• Sealing Lid
• Acrylic Viewport
• Peltier TEC-H Device
• Capable of using NEMA 5-15P or EU1-16 Plug

  • Available in 7L and 14L Configurations
    Tested by Intertek to International Electrotechnical Commission 61010 safety standards


Lab Armor Peltier Baths can be used for the following applications:

• Stabilized Thawing
• Fluid Cooling
• Food & Beverage
• Laboratory
• Medical
• Process Cooling
• Quality Control
• Research & Development

• Media Thawing
• Sample Cooling
• Performance Testing
• Pharmaceutical
• Milk Formula Thawing
• Water Treatment








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