Edwards RV-Series Rotary Vane Pump

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Rotary Vane Pump

A rotary vane pump or rotary vacuum pump has an eccentric rotor placed within a cavity. This model is a kind of positive displacement pump. Centrifugal force from the rotation of the rotor moves the vanes within, which produces a vacuum and suction from its intake, building up pressure which is then released. The rotational force causes movement of the oil/viscous liquid inside, which creates the desire pumping action.

These pumps are perfect for:

  • solvent removal
  • aqueous vapors
  • analytical instruments
  • or compounds with high boiling points

The RV series of pumps from Edwards is the product of over 75 years’ experience – producing the ultimate line of small, oil-sealed rotary vane products. We’ve battle-tested this line of products, so you can be sure that they’ll get the job done in your laboratory.

The advantage of these pumps is that they usually cost less than some others, one drawback is that you will need to replace the oil more frequently than many other models of vacuum pump.

A key benefit of this model is that you have the option of changing the three-position gas ballast. This handy feature means the pump can be reconfigured even when it is turned on!

Rotary vane pumps may be switched to a high throughput mode, which increases its flexibility for specific applications such as distillation.

Be advised before you purchase that oil and maintenance for these units can be costly and time consuming. As you might expect, the lifespan of any rotary vane pump directly correlates with how well it is maintained and taken care of.

As with any piece of high wear-and-tear machinery, if you stay on top of upkeep and maintenance, you can rest assured that this product will be more reliable and maintain a consistently higher vacuum when compared to a pump that has been neglected or abused.

When looked after, a rotary vane pump is a valuable asset for any lab, so make sure to follow the manual and all printed instructions and guidelines.

Not sure where to start? Check out our vacuum pump buyer’s guide for more information.

Or just give our sales staff a call! We are knowledgable in all of the products we stock, and we’ve built out more labs than we can count. We can easily help you decide which products are right for your individual situation. We strive to make sure you always have the right laboratory tools for the job, and we will never over-sell you on a product you don’t need.

Specification: Edwards RV-Series Rotary Vane Pump

Weight 20 lbs

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