Digital Forced Air Convection Oven

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Digital Forced Air Convection Oven

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This Forced Air Convection Oven heats samples through convection, meaning samples are heated by evenly circulated air. A proportional–integral–derivative controller or (P.I.D. Controller) is used to control the fluctuations of temperature with precision and accuracy by constantly monitoring the temperature inside the oven and adjusting it.


  • even and consistent heating
  • designed with safety in mind
  • P.I.D. controller included

Even and consistent heating.

This allows the user to keep the oven at a steady temperature with minimal fluctuations, creating more even and consistent heating throughout the oven. The oven also has the ability to add or remove shelves, which allows various size samples to fit inside to suit a wide variety of tasks and needs.

Safety comes standard.

This forced air convection oven comes standard with several safety features, such as double-glazed glass, which is ideal for viewing inside the oven during use. It also features temperature calibration and a corrosion resistant interior.

The digital forced air convection oven comes standard with a safety shut off and temperature alarm. This means that if the temperature gets to high or the temperature sensor fails for any reason, the unit will sound an alarm or shut itself down, depending on the specific scenario.

A top-of-the-line convection oven.

We’ve scoured the world to source the best ovens and products – ones that meet strict quality standards. However, please be advised that this or any other vacuum oven should always be used with care.

Lab Society is not responsible for any damage that comes from misuse of the product in any way. Please be sure to consult the manual and follow all instructions. Always operate potentially dangerous equipment using laboratory best practices and safety measures.

If you are unsure which forced air convection oven is right for you, give us and call and our sales staff will help guide you. Common questions and answers can be found on our FAQ page, so start there if you are unsure of where to begin!

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