Cascade Sciences Stirring Bucket Baths

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The Cascade Stirring Bucket Baths keep 5 gallon buckets of either low or medium/high viscosity material warm and uniform. The deep chamber 30L water bath supports a 5 gallon bucket with powerful overhead stirring that allows for outgassing. These products are NRTl certified, have a warm air jacketed design that radiates heat to the sides and bottom of the tank, eliminating hot spots, contain high quality, electrostatically applied textured powder coat finish that eliminates rust and chipping, and the adjustable clamp allows the stir motor and propeller shaft to easily move up and down.


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Options Detail

Description Quantity Capacity Max Temperature
Stirring Bucket Bath for Low Viscosity Material 1 5 Gallons 80C
Stirring Bucket Bath for Medium/High Viscosity Material 1 5 Gallons 80C


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Model CWB-30-STIRPACK is meant for low viscosity materials and comes with a Heidolph’s Hei-TORQUE CORE overhead stir motor for this specific material type. Model CWB-30-STIRPACK-200 is useful in medium/high viscosity material operations and comes with a Heidolph’s Hei-TORQUE Precision 200 overhead stir motor for this material type. Both packages come with the 30L deep chamber water bath, universal clamps, support rods, brackets, and a PR-30 propeller ideal for medium/high viscosity. The water bath is NRTL certified and powered by a 115 V/ 1 ph circuit.

Water Quality & Placement Requirements:

The bath will need to be refilled regularly with water during operation. It is recommended to use distilled water or filtered tap water (with a neutral pH) to refill the tank. Do not use unfiltered water, deionized water, acids, or other corrosive material that will lead to mineral buildup, corrosion, or biological contamination in the tank.

These units are built for use indoors at room temperatures between 15C and 40C, at no greater than 80% relative humidity. To avoid inaccurate temperature performance, do not operate when close to ovens or other devices radiating heat, heating and cooling vents, high-traffic areas, or direct sunlight.

Power Requirement:

The water bath is intended for 110-120V/ 50-60 Hz applications at 7 amps and may become damaged if the supplied voltage varies by more than 10% from the data plate rating. the recommended wall circuit breaker for this unit is 15 amps. Each unit is provided with a 110V, 15A, 8ft, 2 inch NEMA 5-15P power cord that should always be used when operating. Included in the shipping is one 250V T10A 5x20mm fuse that must be installed for the unit to operate.

Bucket Bath Includes:

  • 30L deep chamber water bath (5 gal bucket not included)
  • Heidolph’s Hei-TORQUE core overhead stir motor
  • Heidolph’s universal clamp, support rods, and brackets
  • PR-30 Propeller

Stirring Bucket Bath Features:

  • Interior metal: 300 SST
  • Exterior metal: Painted cold roll steel
  • Control type: Digital
  • Display resolution: 0.1C
  • Max HVAC load: 1883 BTUs/hr

Temperature Performance:

  • Range: 5C to 80C
  • Uniformity: 0.4C
  • Stability: 0.1C
  • Heat Up Time: 169 min to 80C

Minimizing Contamination Exposure:

  • Maintain a high air quality in the workspace
  • Avoid placing the water bath near sources of air movement
  • Minimize the number of times the cover is opened during normal operations

Hei-TORQUE Core Stir Motor for Low Viscosity Material:

  • 1 speed gear
  • Rotation speed range: 20-2,000 rmp
  • Rotation speed indicator: Digital, monochrome 2 inch
  • Electronic speed control
  • Torque indicator: Symbol
  • Power: 110V/ 1ph/ 105W
  • Stirring capacity: 25L

Hei-TORQUE Precision 200

  • 1 gear, 120W input
  • Indicator: Precise value
  • Stirring capacity; 50L
  • Pitched-Blade Impeller – Stainless steel

Standard Features:

  • Gasket around water bath tank prevents water from dripping onto the controls
  • Warm air jacketed design radiates heat to the sides and bottom of the tank, eliminating hot spots
  • Non-contact, recessed heating element that will prevent burnouts if the water level is too low
  • Stainless steel bath is no-leak seamless construction and radius corners make cleaning easy
  • Adjustable clamps allows for easy movement of propeller shaft and motor
  • High quality electrostatically applied textured powdered coat finished eliminated rust and chipping


SKU Speed Power Requirement Volume Operating Temperature Range
CWB-30-STIRPACK 20 – 2,000 rpm 120 V/ 50/60 Hz/ 7 Amps 30 L 5C to 80C
CWB-30-STIRPACK-200 20 – 2,000 rpm 120 V/ 50/60 Hz/ 7 Amps 30 L 5C to 80C

Additional Info

SKU External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
CWB-30-STIRPACK 16in W x 19in D x 16in H 12in W x 14in D x 11in H
CWB-30-STIRPACK-200 16in W x 19in D x 16in H 12in W x 14in D x 11in H

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