4’x8′ (3’11″x 7’11”) LED Grow Room Package

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4’x8′ (3’11″x 7’11”) LED Grow Room Package 

(*no substitutions on grow room packages)
Included in the 4×8 LED package:

(1) GrowLab 120L Tent

(2) Lumigrow 325/Or 650 Choose Model Above

(2) Light Hangers, 1/8″ (pair)

(1) 6” Inline Fan

(1) Carbon 6”x24” Filter

(1) Speedster Fan Speed Controller

(1) Dual Outlet Digital Timer, 120v

(1) 6” x 25ft Ducting

(1) Chrome Foil Tape, 50 ft.


(1) GrowLab 120L

The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room has all the features you could ask for – and more! Outfit the GrowLab with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system of your choice and you will have the brightest, slickest, most affordable grow room available. Introducing the next generation in portable grow rooms – The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room.

(2) Lumigrow Pro (325 or 650)


The LumiGrow Pro from Monster Gardens is the newest way to adjust your PAR light spectrum to meet your specific needs. You can literally change the terpene profile of your crop by adjusting the output of this revolutionary LED fixture! The LumiGrow Pro series LED lights output more blue and red light in the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) range than the industry’s most powerful conventional lighting systems. This lighting system was designed for professional greenhouse cultivation centers meaning that this unit can handle the conditions of any growing environment. LumiGrow Pro 325 grow-lights also run up to 70% cooler than high pressure sodium lights which helps to protect your plants against heat damage and other common problems caused by extreme garden temperatures. Energy-efficient LumiGrow Pro series lights generate between 40% to 70% less heat compared to HPS lamps. You will see your electrical bills reduced by as much as half, month after month, year after year. LumiGrow Pro series diodes last on average at least 10 times longer than standard HPS/MH lights without degrading. An investment into LEDs will continue to repay you over time through lowered energy bills and a less frequent bulb turnover rate.

(2) 1/8″ Light Hangers (pair)

Secure items quickly and easily with Light Hangers (rope ratchets). They pull tight, lock in place, will never break or slip, are heat and cold resistant and will not rust. Made from 8’ braided polypropylene rope.

(1) Active Air 6” In-Line Duct Fan

Active Air In-Line Duct Fans offer innovation and performance at a great price. Active Air Fans feature quiet operation, high quality molded impeller, thermally-protected AC motor, metal housing, durable ceramic coating, mounting brackets and an 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord.

(1) Australian Virgin Carbon 6” Filters

Carbon filters are an extremely effective way to remove unwanted odors from your cultivation area. We use the highest quality virgin carbon on the market today. Our filters are packaged immediately after manufacturing to protect the integrity of each product. Made with lightweight aluminum, these filters are easy to handle. Each product includes a pre-filter that collects material that could clog the carbon.

(1) Titan Controls Mercury 4- Fan Speed Controller

The Mercury 4 – Day/Night Multi-Function Fan Speed controller puts the grower in complete control of their ventilation requirements. Plug your ventilation equipment into the Mercury 4, set the high/low fan idle speed, set the day night mode and you’re in business! Great for use with carbon filter ventilation systems.

  • Allows user to select minimum fan idle speed between 25% & 60% of fan rating.
  • Enables the user to activate/deactivate ‘low temperature’ safety feature.
  • Temperature control range is 55° F to 95° F.
  • 6 foot temperature probe is accurate to within 2° F.
  • Plastic enclosure protects internal components from dust and moisture.
  • 6 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz.

(1) Hydrofarm TM01715D 7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Program Timer

Using a Hydrofarm Dual Outlet Digital Grounded Timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. Timers are also essential for many hydroponic system applications. Featuring a 1 minute on/off & up to 8 on/off cycles per day and it controls 2 outlets simultaneously.


(1) 6″ x 25ft Ducting

High-performance ducting is one of the most reliable options for exhausting warm, humid air from the indoor garden. Featuring several layers of reinforced metal laminate casing, a smooth double-sealed interior and galvanized steel coils, this six-inch ducting is air-tight, puncture-resistant, and easy to install. Heavy-duty ducting also assists in keeping noise to a minimum. Our expandable air duct is made of aluminum, designed for years of use. It will handle temperatures up to 140 degrees and will not kink. It comes in 25′ sections which can be cut to length.

Chrome Foil Tape, 50 Yards

*Once the grow tent has been taken out of the packaging and has been opened the tent is no longer sell-able. So we cannot return or exchange grow tents that have been taken out of their packaging. Broken zippers or zipper lines are considered standard wear and tear . We can not return tents due to zippers that are broken due to use. We cannot return grow tents because they do not fit the area you were intending them to go in, so be sure to double measure your area prior to ordering.

Specification: 4’x8′ (3’11″x 7’11”) LED Grow Room Package

Weight 200 lbs

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