1x Hochstrom Filtration Package

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Proud to offer the Summit Research. This filtration package includes essential components for filtration :

  • Steps 1,2 & 3 Filter Paper

It’s unique design allows it to operate under half vacuum pressure for full flow. Our peers & customers have reported the high flow surface area to be equivalent to a 18-24″ table-top unit. These units have a huge basin, but small holes, really preventing it from being efficient for it’s size. A table top or small buchner filtration unit will have flow issues due to the solution warming up & redissolving past the filtration medium. You also get the fluid rushing around the filter media as well as a large surface area for liquids to warm up. We have achieved maximum efficiency in a much shorter time for filtration. This prevents items from warming up & redissolving and / or not securing. Hochstrom filter is the last filter you will ever need to buy. Summit Research, only the best. 1x Hochstrom Filtration Package

Stage 1 – 1000pcs of 20u chemical duty papers. Stage 2 – 1000pcs of 8u chemical duty papers. Stage 3 – 500pcs of sub 1u chemical duty 100% borosilicate papers(no chemical binder grade AE). All papers made in USA with no questionable composition, and no import junk. Straight up, best high flow papers you’ll ever use.

Specification: 1x Hochstrom Filtration Package

Weight 80 lbs

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