1200C 2-Zone Top-Open Tube Furnace w/ Kanthal Heating Elements

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Mitsubishi refractory lining, Shimaden 40-seg PID controller, overheat/power failure protection, PC interface, vacuum flanges, 2 quartz tubes incl. ETL available.


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Ai TFM2 series dual-zone tube furnaces use the famous Kanthal (Sweden) coil wire as their heating elements. Furnace hearth is built with Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality fiber materials. Temperature of this furnace is controlled by high precision temperature controller (Shimaden fp93 from Japan) with +/-1 °C accuracy and 40 programmable segments. Furnace housing is built with double-layer steel and two cooling fans inside keep the furnace body temperature low. Furnace tube is sealed by stainless steel vacuum sealing flanges, it can be used under vacuum and other gases condition. This tube furnace is an ideal tool for sintering all types of materials/chemical. Great for labs or college scientific research use.

These furnaces have built-in interface to a computer. We provide connection cable, adaptor and software that can be used to control the temperature and parameters of the furnace, all from your PC! You can also save a temperature curve for record or study purposes.

All our furnaces are CE certified.

Safety features

  • Furnace overheat protection cuts off power when temperature is over the desired range.
  • Thermocouple protection cuts off power when the thermocouple is broken or malfunctioned.
  • Temperature variation protection cuts off power when the difference between actual temperature and target temperature is off the desired range. (refer to controller’s manual)
  • Power failure protection resume furnace operation right after the point of failure when power is back up. 
  • Stainless steel flange support makes sure the tube and flanges are secure and in their absolute position, it also longer the life of the tube

Warning! NEVER fill furnace with explosive gases, including Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide and Methane.


 Electrical requirements  208-240V, single phase, 50/60 Hz
 Tube material   High purity quartz
 Min. working temperature  Ambient
 Max. working temperature  Zone1/Zone2: 1200°C
 Max. constant working temperature  Zone1/Zone2: 1100°C
 Constant working temperature under vacuum  1000°C
 Rated vacuum pressure
 0.001 Pa / 0.0075 millitorr / 0.00001 mbar
 Rated positive pressure  0.02 MPa / 150 torr / 3 psi
 Refractory lining
 Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality 1500 grade fiber alumina
 Heating element type
 Zone1/Zone2: Kanthal (Sweden) A1 2.0 coil wire
 Thermocouple type
 Zone1/Zone2: K
 Temperature controller
 Shimaden fp93 (Japan) with 4 patterns and
 40 segments (i.e. 4 x 10 segments or 2 x 20 segments)

 Max/recommended heating rate
 20°C/min   10°C/min  
 Heating zone length
 Zone1: 8 inches   Zone2: 8 inches
 Constant temp zone length  Zone1: 4 inches   Zone2: 4 inches
 Temperature controller precision
 +/- 1°C
 Vacuum level (cold)  0.1 Pa
 Vacuum sealing flange kit
 Stainless steel vacuum sealing flanges with one vacuum gauge,       
 two valves and four thermal ceramic blocks.    
 ETL tested to UL and CSA standards (optional), CE
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Size comparison

 Tube size (OD x length)
 60mm x 1m
 100mm x 1m
 150mm x 1m
 Maximum output  3 kW  4 kW  5.5 kW
 Furnace dimensions (LxWxH)  24x16x23″  25x16x24″  26x18x26″

How to Program Across International Furnaces


How to Install an Across International Tube Sealing Flange






Standard Package

Part description


Part image

 TFM2 1200°C max dual-zone top-open tube furnace
 1 pc

 Stainless steel vacuum sealing flange set w/ pressure meter
 1 set

 Quartz tube (60/100mm: 2 pcs, 150mm: 1 pc)
 1 or 2 pcs

 Analog flow meter
 1 pc

 Stainless steel hook
 1 pc

 Alumina ceramic thermal block
 2 pairs

 Thermal gloves  1 pair

 Spare fuse 2 pcs

 USB/RS485 computer interface kit  1 set

 Furnace and Shimaden controller manual 2 pcs

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