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By Mike Adams

Science has struggled to catch up with states that have legalized marijuana, so far failing to come up with an effective method for law enforcement to gauge marijuana impairment. Because of this, the courts are reportedly filling up with prosecution proof cases. It seems that without the ability to prove that an individual was actually high at the time of their arrest, the accused are slipping out of the clutches of the long arm of the law. As long as the alleged motorists maintain their innocence throughout their case, legal experts say they have a really good chance of getting off scot-free.

“It is difficult for the DA’s, as well as the police, to prosecute these cases because of the fact that the marijuana &mda...

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By Burgess Powell

North Carolina lawmakers are closer than ever to reducing marijuana possession laws. A new bill would retroactively clear some marijuana possession charges and increase the amount of marijuana one can carry without facing charges. Here’s a look at North Carolina’s current legislation, and what one lawmaker from Mecklenburg County is hoping to pass.

North Carolina’s Outdated Marijuana Laws
North Carolina doesn’t have a wide-ranging medical marijuana program. Back in 2014, lawmakers approved CBD for epilepsy. To date, that’s the only condition that qualifies for medical marijuana in the state.

Despite the state’s conservatism, Democratic lawmakers are trying to get a program through the leg...

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By Adam Drury

In a major win for medical cannabis patients in Arizona, the state’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that public college students with medical cards cannot face criminal charges for possessing or using marijuana on campus. The court ruled against a 2012 law that banned cannabis on public higher education institutions, finding it unconstitutional and a violation of voters’ intent. The court’s ruling also vacated the cannabis possession charge of the student who fought the law—and won.

How One Student Fought To Allow Medical Cannabis at CollegeArizona voters approved the state’s medical marijuana program in 2010. Originally, the law placed prohibitions on having and using cannabis on preschool and el...

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By Jimi Devine

After being confronted last week over his fear of the corporate side-effects of cannabis legalization, given that his city saw close to 18,000 marijuana arrests last year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered the creation of a task force to prepare the city for legalization and direct the New York Police Department to stop arresting people for marijuana.

In a huge move only a week after De Blasio was lambasted for talking about his fear of corporate marijuana — while so many New Yorkers have had their lives devastated by marijuana arrests, the mayor’s new group will direct the NYPD to stop arresting people for both smoking marijuana in public and low-level possession. Offenders will now receive a summons.


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By Adam Drury

With 25 people hospitalized Saturday night after using synthetic weed, New York police are on the hunt for the “runner” they believe is responsible for selling the dangerous and potentially deadly drug. For the residents of Brooklyn, where the overdoses occurred, synthetic cannabis has become a real menace. But even though selling the drug, often under the name “K2” or “Spice,” is illegal, police have had little success clamping down on its distribution.

Brooklyn Neighborhood Besieged By Synthetic CannabisThroughout the country, synthetic marijuana overdoses are a recurring problem. But tackling the issue poses a problem for law enforcement, despite the illegality of selling synthetic canna...

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By Greg Zeman

Cannabis concentrates have been around for about as long as humans have been enjoying the benefits of cannabis, but the way they’re made and consumed has evolved dramatically in just the past few years. If there’s a single style of concentrate that epitomizes this seismic shift in cannabis technology and culture, it’s definitely shatter.

Produced in crystal clear sheets of glittering golden glass, nothing else looks quite like a slab of superb shatter. The shimmering clarity invites you to gaze into its reflective surface, while the tantalizing aroma (and the promise of swift, efficient cannabinoid impacts) urge you to, well, shatter it and consume the intoxicating vapor hidden within.

Shatter is more than ju...

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By Adam Drury

British Doctors Say Drug Laws Are Harming Public Health
The British Medical Journal is one of the oldest, oft-cited, and reputable research publications in both the US and UK. And in a new issue dedicated to studies on drug laws and public health, British physicians present a compelling case for comprehensive decriminalization.

This isn’t just a call for decriminalizing cannabis. Physicians and researchers with BMJ are calling for all drugs to be legal, taxed, and regulated for medical and recreational use.

In her brief preface to the May 10th publication, BMJ editor-in-chief Fiona Godlee lays out the indisputable facts. Numbers, Godlee says, that “bear reflection.”

Estimates say each UK taxpayer dumps £4...

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By Ellen Komp

Mothers are increasingly leading cannabis reform efforts in the United States. Across the country, mothers have pushed forward laws — even in conservative states — allowing for the use of THC or CBD for children with severe epilepsy and other illnesses.

One such “she-ro” is Heather Shuker of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society, who began as an advocate for her daughter Hannah after cannabis drastically reduced the number of seizures she suffered. California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who just reversed her longstanding policy of opposing cannabis reform, said her views changed after meetings with constituents, particularly those with young children who have benefited from medical cannabis.

But the m...

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By Bill Weinberg

The town of Adelanto, on the western edge of the Mojave Desert, has struggled to make budgetary ends meet since the closure of George Air Force Base in 1992, and was looking to cannabis legalization in the Golden State as the solution to its financial difficulties. But federal raids on the mayor’s home and a dispensary may give investors the jitters.

FBI agents on May 8 raided both Adelanto’s City Hall and the home of Mayor Rich Kerr, in what the San Bernardino Sun called “a widening corruption probe into the High Desert town’s dealings with marijuana businesses.” Agents also served search warrants at the Jet Room, an Adelanto cannabis dispensary, and the San Bernardino offices of the Professi...

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By Nick Lindsey

Pennsylvania’s relatively young medical marijuana program is continuing to grow and expand. Now, with Philadelphia vying for a license to grow and process medical marijuana, the legal cannabis industry could be on the verge of moving into the City of Brotherly Love.

Pennsylvania is poised to issue another round of permits for medical marijuana growers and processors. The state of Pennsylvania issued its first round of permits last year, but Philadelphia didn’t get any of them. This time around, the state will reportedly give out 13 new licenses. And the city of Philadelphia wants in on the action.

According to local news outlet WPVI-TV, Philadelphia city leaders are pushing hard to obtain one of the forthcoming g...

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