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By A.J. Herrington

Former Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman presented misleading data to the San Diego City Council last year in an effort to sway them against approving cannabis businesses, an investigation has revealed. Zimmerman retired from the San Diego Police Department in March of this year.

At a meeting in September 2017, the council was considering proposals to permit a legal supply chain of cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and test labs in the city. Zimmerman appeared before the council members and warned them not to allow more pot businesses.

“The negative consequences and secondary effects of the legal marijuana industry being allowed to operate on a larger scale in our city of San Diego are enormous,” Zimmerman ...

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By Bill Weinberg

One by one, even the most culturally conservative states are succumbing to the demands of patients and mounting scientific evidence to pass laws to allow use of (at least) extracts containing cannabinoids, or (at most) actual herbaceous marijuana for either medical or “recreational” purposes.

The most recent domino to fall was Oklahoma. On June 26, voters in the Sooner State approved Question No. 788 by some 57 percent — legalizing the use, sale and cultivation of medical marijuana. Patients with a special license from a physician will be able to possess up to 8 ounces and grow up to 12 plants. While these limits are stricter than in many medical marijuana states, the law is more liberal than most in one ...

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By Adam Drury

Across California, compost bins are fuller and dispensary shelves are a little emptier than usual. If you knew the signs, you’d sense that something dramatic had just happened. And you’d be right.

On Sunday, the stringent new “seed to sale” tracking standards for California’s cannabis market went into effect. Overnight, thousands of pounds of cannabis products worth hundreds of millions of dollars suddenly became noncompliant. Now, dispensaries are in the process of destroying them, in an event the industry has dubbed the “Marijuanapocalypse of 2018”

In The Aftermath of the “Marijuanapocalypse”For the six months after the start of legal retail sales, which began on January ...

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By Jimi Devine

Constellation Brands, the parent company behind Corona beer, said they’re already making a huge profit off their investment in the Canadian marijuana market — and the country’s recreational cannabis shops don’t open for months.

Last fall, Constellation Brands, whose portfolio also includes Svedka vodka and Modelo beer, announced they’d invested $190 million in the Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corporation, netting them 10 percent of the company. Now, nine months later, Bloomberg reported that Constellation announced during its first-quarter earnings report the investment had already realized a gain of more than $700 million.

“Our investment in Canopy is certainly paying off,” ...

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By Chris Roberts

Nothing will stop Rick Scott, the popular Republican governor of Florida with aspirations for the US Senate and beyond, in his quest to prevent his citizens from smoking marijuana.

His intransigence now has implications for the upcoming struggle over Donald Trump’s first appointment to the United States Supreme Court — yes, Scott’s attitude towards smoking weed has implications for gun-control, abortion rights and immigrant detention — and is also energizing marijuana legalization advocates to push forward to allow all adults in Florida to use the drug, in any form.

And that could in turn also affect voter turnout in Florida in the 2020 presidential election. In nearly every realistic scenario, anyon...

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By Skyler Bingham

The medical marijuana initiative craze has officially reached one of the most conservative strongholds in the country. The Utah Patients Coalition released a proposal for The Utah Medical Cannabis Act, which will appear on voter ballots this fall. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints responded to the proposal in an official statement posted to their website last month.

In an effort to better understand the initiative, church leaders hired local law firm, Kirton McConkie, to decode the proposed act. The firm came back with a memorandum listing 31 potential red flags for Mormon voters. While the Church’s response encouraged members to read through it and “make their own judgment,” it also added ...

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By A.J. Herrington

Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm Casa Verde Capital and Imperial Tobacco will invest $10 million in U.K. research firm Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, it was announced today. Snoop is founder and general partner of Casa Verde Capital, a cannabis-focused investment company that launched in 2015. Oxford Cannabis Technologies is a biomedical startup that is researching cannabinoids in a partnership with Oxford University in the U.K.

Karan Wadhera, managing partner for Casa Verde Capital, made the announcement during an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.

“Today we’re announcing that we’re leading a series A investment, along with Imperial Brands, in Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, a biotechnology...

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By Sarah Murell

For those of us living in cities, the memories of the 2007 economic crash are a distant memory. But for our neighbors in rural counties, the ghosts of the depression are still haunting vacant towns where farming and manufacturing used to thrive. According to the Economic Research Service arm of the USDA, rural and metro employment equalized in the early part of 2008 before bottoming out, but while metro employment has more than recovered, rural employment has yet to achieve parity with its pre-crash levels.

Farmers are suffering especially hard, and many are having to find supplemental work off the farm to make ends meet, and those that can’t find work are committing suicide in record numbers. Trump’s punishing ...

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By Jimi Devine

Following his announcement in April that he intended to file a marijuana deschedulalization bill, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer this week filed the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, which would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act — where it is currently listed as a Schedule I drug, alongside heroin and LSD.

Schumer’s bill now competes with the STATES Act put forward by Senators Cory Gardner of Illinois and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, which would allow states to regulate cannabis as they see fit. Schumer’s bill also competes with Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey’s Marijuana Justice Act, which not only would deschedule cannabis but also creates funding for communities im...

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By Mike Adams

It has now been a week since Canada legalized marijuana nationwide for recreational consumption, and still the United States — not President Donald Trump, U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the DEA or, at bare minimum, any member of the White House janitorial staff — has yet to say peep pertaining to the northern nation’s graduation into the realm of common sense. But, as for Russia, the world power for which Trump is accused of colluding with during his presidential campaign, officials there are apparently less than pleased with Canada’s decision to legitimize pot. They are calling it a “breach” of “its international legal obligations,” according to a report from Newsweek.


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